News and Insights

Farming in harmony with nature

Aoife Leader is a Walsh Scholar working with Teagasc while completing a Masters in Agriculture Innovation Support. She is currently liaising with the eleven farmers participating in the Glanbia Ireland/Open Source Future Farms Group.

Boosting biodiversity on farms

Habitats such as hedges, watercourses and field margins are features that define the Irish agricultural landscape and boost the biodiversity and sustainability of our farms.

Sustainable Farm Insights programme

Glanbia Ireland has launched a new knowledge transfer programme in partnership with the media outlet, the Irish Farmers Journal, called Sustainable Farm Insights.

Supporting our Communities

Glanbia Ireland has been eager to play our part in supporting our communities through the challenges of Covid-19. We have been working with community groups across the areas where we all work and live.


Dealing with food waste is regarded as one of the most significant actions to protect resources and deliver environmental efficiencies. 

Animal Welfare

The commitment of Irish farmers to the animals in their care and our outdoor grass-based milk production system ensures that the health and welfare of animals in Irish dairy herds sets a leading standard internationally.